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Exploring the vine-clad hills of the Jeruzalem Wine Route, the gem of Prlekija, will lead you to Ratek family estate.
Authentic cuisine of Prlekija

Here, in the friendly surroundings of the Prlekija region, we will pamper you with excellent homemade traditional dishes, which you can enjoy in the cosy atmosphere by the wood-fired oven or al fresco on our terrace. Meat and minced lard with smoked meat, homemade sausages, home-baked bread, and local dessert gibanica are just the beginning – allow us to spoil your taste buds, taking you on an authentic culinary journey of Prlekija. 

By prior arrangement, we are happy to host larger groups of up to 60 guests and serve warm delicacies typical of the local cuisine.

Serene Nature

Our farm is surrounded by meticulously tended vineyards, vast pastures, and colourful forests. Once you visit us, it will be hard to leave, and you will find yourself returning again and again. You will be captivated by the fine wines, delicious food, and relaxing nature.

In the Quiet and Cool of our Vaulted Cellars

Decisions we make throughout the year are reflected in the final product - the bottle of wine. In addition to knowledge and experience, tradition also helps us make the right decisions and achieve top-quality wines. An essential part of this tradition is our vaulted cellar with oak barrels.

Guided Wine Tastings

Our wine range includes varieties typical of the Štajerska Slovenija wine region. It is enhanced with selected special harvest wines. With our organic wines, we boldly venture beyond the ordinary boundaries. Immerse yourself in a world of flavours, feel our dedication and love for winemaking through our wines.

Camper Rest Area

At our farm, we happily welcome travellers exploring the Prlekija region with their campers. We provide water and electricity supply. Upon agreement, you can enjoy a campfire under the starry sky. Our rooster will make sure you wake up on time.

Explore Our Estate

During your stroll, you can admire the Scottish Highland cattle and the preserved traditional wooden grape press. Challenge your friends to a game of Russian skittles, and let the children enjoy the wooden playground.